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My Teaching Statement

Conceptualization of Learning Learning is I believe a process of accessing, familiarizing, processing, and synthesizing information and experiences, which can influence future thoughts and actions. The primary participants in this process are the learner, the content of learning, the facilitator, and the environment. Metaphorically, I see the process of learning as a bridge. As a […]

Concept Map and Problem Statement

A general map of all the questions I seek answers to pertaining to my research focus which involves Children, Education, Media, Technology and Design. I look at Art Education as a crossroads where all my research interests intersect. By analyzing the current data on children’s media consumption, and the behaviors and practices attached to this […]

The Happiness Philosophy

My Foundations and Philosophy of Art/Education –revisited My previous writing on the foundations of my philosophies of Art/Education was a structured and cohesive essay, which was the result of much brain-storming and mind-mapping. This essay on the other hand comes straight from my heart and is instinctive. It is a free-flow synthesis of the new […]

My foundations of Art Education

Outline What is Art Education in my opinion? What is my philosophy of art and education? What are the foundations on which my philosophy is based? Introduction To be honest, I had no idea that the discipline of ‘Art Education’ even existed until two years ago. I was pursuing my master’s degree in graphic design […]

What research means to me

Research is I believe the method or the process to address, solve or understand the area of focus or the problem statement that the researcher wishes to investigate. Research is a tool that the researcher can use to further delve into the subject. The findings of the research are crucial to address the problem statement […]

My Stinging memory and its fruitful repercussions

Working in a suppressive, cloistered professional environment, which allowed no freedom for creative, innovative thought was a very difficult experience. There was no sense of emotional and social fulfillment that the design job afforded me. The very epitome of my emotional and creative suffering was a menu card that I designed for a client. The […]