Concept Map and Problem Statement

A general map of all the questions I seek answers to pertaining to my research focus which involves Children, Education, Media, Technology and Design. I look at Art Education as a crossroads where all my research interests intersect.

By analyzing the current data on children’s media consumption, and the behaviors and practices attached to this exponential – cultural, technological and social shift, I will explore and examine how increased media consumption has affected children socially, behaviorally and physically. Further, I will analyze the Digital Divide from children’s perspective and how that could possibly create digital hegemony. I am interested in examining how the arts can interact with media to facilitate increased creativity and innovation among children.

How have research organizations such as the Joan Ganz Cooney Center, the Media Research Lab at MIT worked towards generating content on media and children interaction? What is their research approach?

Through ethnographic research (and/or other research methods), I will investigate how media and technology needs to be shaped for the present and future young generations to get the optimum educational, creative and innovative and social benefit.


Some concerns pertaining to my research interests that I wish to focus on are;

  1. Is there any real need for designing interfaces particularly for children? Or are their natural abilities adequately sufficient to help children navigate computers? Are the principles of Human Computer Interface (HCI) accurately applicable to children or is there a need to study Children Computer Interface (CCI)?
  2. Does the Design used in Media possess the potential to inculcate visual literacy and a heightened sense of aesthetic/design awareness?
  3. How can art and creativity be used to address the Digital divide in the US and around the world?
  4. How does interaction of kids with virtual worlds affect their perception of reality?

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